Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cumberland Falls

One thing I love about oils is their forgiving nature. I can see a lot of rework needed on the trees. I'm really having trouble with my greens. I'm having trouble on the trees period. One problem with this location is the trees are on a solid mountain. No relief with sky holes. I can see that I need to bring the intensity of the greens way down.
The rock formation looks like a walrus in my painting. I'm not sure how I will fix that. I didn't see the walrus at the scene or in the photo, but there it is in the painting. It's just laying there. Funny how once you spot something out of place, that's all you see. For now this is a painting of a walrus under bright green trees. Did anybody notice the waterfall? That was the intended center of interest. I'll put this one on the shelf for a few days. Maybe if it stares at me long enough, It will tell me how to fix it.

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