Saturday, February 27, 2010

Original photo for "Rolling In"

Since I live in Kentucky, I have to rely on photos for my seascapes. I took this photo at Ormond Beach, Fl a few years ago. The first thing I did was hit the photo editing software on the computer. The horizon was straightened, the surf was foreshortened, and the main wave was enlarged. I brought the main wave up over the horizon to break up the very long strait horizon. Because the vast expanse of the wave, I decided a horizontal format. I felt the photo had way too much foreground. I took many photos and videos that day so I will have a lot to work with for a while.
I am planning a trip to Big Sur, Ca this year. I am after all a California girl and nothing compares to the Pacific shoreline. I will take many many photos and videos. My dream is to paint Plein Air on the beach but I'm trying to figure out how to get the paints through security at the airport. I guess I'll have to use dried watercolor.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I have spent the last two years wondering why I have had such a block. I had been a watercolor floral artist. I finally realized that defining myself as a "watercolor artist" or a "floral artist" was the main reason for my block. I limited myself to the point that I wasn't trying anything new and I was board! I've gone into an entirely different direction. I am working in other mediums, water-soluble oils being my recent favorite. My subject matter is now landscapes and seascapes. For the first time in two years I am excited about painting. I am teaching myself something new. I am learning with each painting. I will discuss here the progress of my paintings, as they evolve. Each painting is an exercise in learning not only how to handle the medium, but all the aspects of composition. I hope my improvement will be evident as I go along.